diary of the call girl next door

I'm a pretty simple girl who has taken up escorting to help pay off school debts. I know that I catch eyes on the street, but I see myself as the girl next door. Or, more accurately, the girl in the apartment next to you who happens to be a call girl. Here is where I try to keep track of my evolution in the industry.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Positive Things

The men I see are, for the most part, very much gentlemen with me. Though they are often married with children, they treat me like a princess, and make every effort to be "good boys". I have been lucky (knock on wood) to not have encountered anyone who has treated me with less than the utmost respect. I attribute this to my marketing presentation and screening, and I certainly hope it holds up.

The time I spend with men is about connecting. I make them feel like they and their pleasure are the most important thing in the world, and their problems as far away as possible. Making others feel good has always made me feel good, and I am not bothered by my current means to this end in the least. Before now, doing for others often meant that I was not doing for myself. We all win, this way.